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If you are interested in setting up an eBay store or starting an eBay store, BTW Consulting can do it for you. EBay store Setup can be both time consuming and complex. There are several types of eBay stores, and depending on the size of your business, and how many SKUs you have, will determine which subscription to choose. We will create your eBay store, and work with you from start to finish. We set up your eBay store, listings, categories, listing title optimization, adjust shipping and account settings, and assist with all marketing and advertising efforts.

If you're an established seller with an existing eBay store, we can manage it for you. BTW Consulting can help improve your rankings, performance, listings, marketing, and improve your eBay SEO.   


  • Open your eBay account
  • Open & start your eBay store
  • Open and link a PayPal account to your eBay store
  • eBay Store Setup / Set up an eBay store
  • eBay store layout, eBay store content, and eBay store categories
  • eBay listings with content and pictures
  • eBay individual listings, bulk listings, multiple variation listings
  • eBay marketing and eBay advertising
  • eBay store optimization (SEO)
  • eBay SEO listing optimization (SEO)


  • Manage your existing eBay store
  • Keep existing eBay listings active and updated
  • Add new eBay listings
  • Optimize listing titles for better search rankings
  • eBay marketing and advertising campaigns
  • eBay Sales Down or Slow?  EBay listing title and mobile optimization  
  • Increase eBay Sales
  • Improve performance
  • Increase rankings